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From the team that brought you Fat Leonard, Resistance: Stories from Ukraine, and Kabul Falling, The Closer is a production of Project Brazen in partnership with PRX.

Hosted by Aimee Keane, an award-winning financial journalist. Aimee is a former Financial Times journalist who was the founding executive producer and host of the FT’s first narrative business podcast, Behind the Money. Aimee also co-founded Bazaar Audio, a podcast production studio which produces narrative and conversational podcasts about the economy.

Each episode of The Closer features a deal that made an impact on our lives, and hears from the people who know the inside story of those deals.

Whether it’s the medication you’re taking, the can of beans in your pantry, or the flight you’re about to get on - many of these deals work their way down to us from the corporate boardroom they were made in. The Closer aims to get inside that room.

Some of these are high profile - like the implosion of WeWork. The episode brings listeners a lesser known deal in that story - the ‘deal before the deal’, through the lens of the relationship between the two men at the heart of it, and how it led to the eventual collapse that made headlines for weeks. The takeaway is a company built almost entirely on hyperbole and buzz words can crumple in an instant.

Other episodes, like ‘Bowie Bonds’, tells a story of what led David Bowie to work with a man who created a brand new financial innovation. Aimee talks to that banker, David Pullman, about what he did for Bowie back in the 90s, and its legacy today, revealing a surprising entrepreneurial edge to one of the most important musicians of the 20th century.

This is not your average business podcast: complex stories are made easy-to-follow, and the show is conversational and narrative-driven.

Project Brazen is a global journalism studio and production company specializing in ambitious fact-based narratives. They deliver thrilling stories via podcasts, books, documentaries, television shows and films. The company was founded in Singapore in 2021 by Tom Wright and Bradley Hope, former colleagues at the Wall Street Journal and co-authors of Billion Dollar Whale.

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